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Imaging & Print Management


Effectively capturing, routing, managing & sharing documents in a secure way - utilising existing infrastructure and devices - intelligent print management solutions can cut paper waste by 20% or more.

Printing-related problems demand about 15% of most IT departments’ time, producing unnecessary expenses and lowering productivity - not to mention the environmental impact and high costs associated with wasted paper.

Many organisations devote significant time, manpower and space to capturing, processing, routing, and storing large volumes of data - putting a needless strain on business and IT resources.

Indigo Pacific delivers cost-effective, environmentally friendly, imaging and print management solutions that enable the capture, integration and delivery of information, utilising your existing devices and infrastructure. The result is proactive resolution of print issues and the ability to intelligently manage your entire print infrastructure to reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve security and protect your existing investments.


With Indigo Pacific’s Imaging and Print Management solutions, you can:

•    Improve print management and lower printing expenses and IT costs immediately by 10-30%. Most IT departments have no effective means to contain and manage printing costs. The lack of sophisticated printer management strategies and increasing complexity of your print environment can result in expensive inefficiencies and frequent downtime for servers, printers and employees. With the increase in the number of high-cost colour print solutions available for business today - improving print management is more vital than ever before.

•    Improve security, reduce paper and staff time with embedded secure printing options. Secure roaming pulls printing options enable users to release their print jobs on any printer in the company, when and where they choose, through a simple authentication process. This results in significant productivity gains and reduced cost, by getting rid of unclaimed documents on the printers’ output tray. Beyond the cost is the security implication with any unclaimed documents on your printer output tray posing a critical security issue - since any confidential information that falls into the wrong hands can be detrimental to your Company’s interests. A range of easy options for controlling printer access includes fingerprint, pin code, swipe card and proximity badge authentication.

•    Optimise business-critical workflow. Reduce the time, cost and hassle of capturing, routing, managing & sharing documents with fast, efficient content capture solutions. No matter how big or small your work environment, we can help you take total control with proven, reliable multifunction devices.

•    Optimise total cost of ownership and productivity through improved document output and print management. Organisations still have a difficult time quantifying Single Function and Multi Function Printer activity. Since even a small number of employees misusing printers can significantly increase expenses, it makes good business sense for companies to take charge of their printing processes.

•    Extend your existing infrastructure capabilities. Increase your existing printer value and productivity with an environment that speeds and simplifies transformation of paper documents into electronic files.

•    Enhance document value and reliable delivery of business-critical documents with eForms and documents. Produce high-quality business forms electronically. Besides ensuring the content is correct, the presentation is just as important in determining how your contacts perceive your organisation. Often your applications are unable to provide the ease and flexibility you need to create documents that project your company's image successfully. We can help with a range of in-printer and add-on eForms and Document solutions.

•    Easily print barcodes. If you need to print barcodes on documents output by Windows, SAP, Oracle, Unix, Windows or your own custom application, we can help you quickly, easily and cost-effectively transform your existing printer into a barcoding expert, producing perfect high quality 1D and 2D barcodes at high speed.

Indigo Pacific has the expertise and resources to develop, deliver and support complete custom print solutions for corporate and government agencies across Asia Pacific.




Success Stories

Indigo Pacific implemented a CMS solution to improve automation and measurability for 2020 DIRECTINVEST, a dynamic investment company providing access to Australian managed funds and superannuation products in a web based environment. 2020 DIRECTINVEST provides member services to some of Australia’s largest professional associations including: The Australian Dental Association, The Australian Shareholders’ Association and Engineers Australia.




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