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Back-end integration to internal processes, platforms, ERP, ECM, CRM, BMP, other underlying databases and legacy enterprise applications

Utilise all your existing infrastructure resources, surround and extend your core business applications to solve the issue of automating business processes that reach across disparate data sources. Indigo Pacific can incorporate all your forms-based processes with your business applications, databases and data storage systems.

In a rapidly changing environment where mergers, acquisitions and globalisation are commonplace, we recognise that co-existence through integration and collaboration with a multitude of back-end IT systems is a business imperative. The integration requirements for business processes reaching across heterogeneous data sources and legacy systems pose very specific challenges. Indigo Pacific has 20 years of experience helping corporate and government agencies design, implement and maintain their solutions. Our solutions minimise integration needs and maximise flexibility to respond quickly and cost efficiently to changing needs to avoid costly ongoing integration and change management costs.

Indigo Pacific’s skills, knowledge and experience combined with a comprehensive range of out-of- box and custom solutions enables fast, easy integration with common IT infrastructures. With several methods for requesting the services of other processes in the enterprise and returning the result to an application, we can effectively leverage your existing resources.


Indigo Pacific makes Integration with existing infrastructure and applications easier through:

•    Web services - Support for Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) with MIME and DIME attachments, the WS Security 1.0 standard, dynamically generating a SOAP endpoint and WSDL. Web service invocation allows both synchronous (short-lived) and asynchronous (long-lived) service requests.

•    Common IT infrastructure integration - A number of out-of-box components and libraries that provide core functionality for integration with common IT infrastructures including the user directory through LDAP, authentication, ECM, JMS, RMI, email, and other back-end systems, applications, and resources.

•    NetManage LCA adapters - Provide connectivity to more than 40 enterprise information systems including SAP, Oracle, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Tibco, IBM, and Lotus.

•    NetManage JCA adapters - JCA adapters allow easy connectivity to back-end systems, without requiring developers to learn the inner workings of those systems. JCA adapters expose the target system’s functions and transactions, making them available to composite applications, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), and any middleware technology. JCA adapters facilitate bidirectional synchronous and asynchronous communication between applications, improving the effectiveness and value of existing systems and information.

•    Custom components - Developers can add their own services by creating stateless ‘plain old Java objects’ (POJOs) containing one or more operations; with code often able to be reused again and again with minimal effort.

•    Connectors for ECM - Providing content repository services such as check in/out, lock, and content metadata access. The connector service components receive and output document and other content objects connecting ECM to customer applications.

•    MS - Support for JMS API for communicating with other Java based applications in a distributed environment.

•    Service provider interface - (SPI) to standard external authentication methods, for example, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers, Microsoft Active Directory, and custom authentication methods.

•    Real-time messaging, quality of service, and data management services - Providing high-volume data exchange and synchronisation between Flex or Ajax based application interfaces and back-end systems.  

Indigo Pacific has the expertise and resources to support back-end integration to all your internal processes, platforms, ERP, ECM, CRM, BMP, other underlying databases and legacy enterprise applications for corporate and government agencies across Asia Pacific.


Associated Products

  • Adobe LiveCycle ES Connectors for ECM
    Extend your LiveCycle ES applications to connect with industry-leading ECM systems.
  • LiveCycle Foundation
    Adobe LiveCycle ES Foundation software provides the underlying server capabilities that enable the deployment, execution, and management of LiveCycle ES solution components.



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