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eForms & SmartForms


Deliver a whole new customer experience across your enterprise quickly, easily and cost-effectively and improve your customer acquisition and retention processes.

Extend your document-based processes outside your organisation for better interactions and transactions with all audiences including customers, constituents, partners, suppliers, employees, and your mobile workforce. Empower users to complete dynamic forms online or offline and submit from inside or outside the firewall. Create automated help prompts and embed business rules to guide the user and make their experience as simple as possible whilst improving data accuracy.

Indigo Pacific’s solutions enable you to quickly and easily design, create and deploy highly personalised electronic forms in any format (including PDF, SWF, or HTML) and deploy them in real time or in batch over any channel, either online or offline. Form data is accurately captured via the channel of choice and automatically integrated into core systems, including ERP, ECM, CRM, BMP, other underlying databases and legacy enterprise applications - streamlining your form-driven business processes and improving data accuracy. We also help close the interaction loop by generating relevant documentation back to your audience.

Form and document templates can combine high-fidelity presentation with XML data handling - creating dynamic forms that closely mirror the paper forms they replace. Organisations hold more and more information than ever before about their customers, and leveraging this information in a way that creates true value for the eForms user can deliver significant competitive advantage. This can be achieved simply by providing improved, more meaningful and targeted engagement through data driven content in your e-forms.

A unified design environment with an intuitive graphic interface means business users can easily design and maintain templates, define business logic, and preview them in real time before they are deployed so there is less reliance on scarce internal IT resources. Business Process can be tailored by business users for specific customer or stakeholder groups resulting in a more engaging customer interaction process that drives higher conversion rates and improves satisfaction.

Form guides can also be developed to help users step through a form-filling process, ensuring information entered is valid and accurate, and resulting in a more engaged user who is less likely to abandon the transaction. To provide the highest degree of flexibility, users can save a PDF version of the form on their local hard drive, complete it offline at their convenience, and then submit the completed form when back online.

Structured information captured by the forms can be automatically used to trigger subsequent business process steps - for example, captured information can be automatically routed to a manager for approval and then follow a predefined process flow that leads all the way to a transaction or even automatic archiving in back-end systems.

With Indigo Pacific’s intelligent eForms and Smartforms, you can:

•    improve customer acquisition - online documents are easy to use - intuitive and customised - eliminating time-consuming and error-prone paper-based processes and improving response and cycle times;

•    improve customer retention and service - with personalised, automated customer interaction processes and automated collection, processing and feedback of information;

•    reduce paperwork - with your paper-based processes now automated and online you can realise cost savings by eliminating printing, distribution and paper-based storage costs;

•    improve efficiency and accuracy - through automation of internal workflows, data capture and loading, and interaction/integration with existing core business applications and infrastructure;

•    improve security - with digital signatures, document encryption and access control; and

•    more easily respond, adapt and comply - with ever-changing regulations.

Indigo Pacific has the expertise and resources to develop, deliver and support complete custom eForm and Smartform solutions for corporate and government agencies across Asia Pacific.


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