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NSi AutoStore


AutoStore is full-service document capture software for companies that want to better manage their paper and electronic documents while improving productivity, security and compliance.


How does it work?

Capture. Process. Route. Capture print or electronic documents, process them into various digitized formats and route them to virtually any destination.


What makes AutoStore stand out form the crowd?

  • It works with any device capable for scanning documents regardless of type or manufacturer.
  • It is designed to capture both print and electronic documents.
  • AutoStore workflows can be set up from a central location and then accessed from multiple locations on multiple devices.
  • No other document capture product is as intuitive, easy-to-use and as powerful as AutoStore.

Successful AutoStore Solution Example


Let’s say you work in an accounting department that processes invoice forms and cheques. A workflow can be set up with AutoStore to scan the forms and cheques, improve the quality of the image if needed, assign an indexing code, classify the invoices according to who needs to review them, digitise everything into .pdf formats – and then route the invoices to individuals and the cheques to a central database repository.

Additionally, the workflow can be accessed from the panel of your copier, scanner or MFP so that one-click at the device can set the whole process in motion.


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