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Adobe LiveCycle ES - Components


Adobe® LiveCycle® ES software is an integrated server solution that blends data capture, information assurance, document output, process management and content services


LiveCycle Foundation

Adobe LiveCycle ES Foundation software provides the underlying server capabilities that enable the deployment, execution and management of LiveCycle ES solution components.


Data Capture :


Adobe LiveCycle Forms ES

Deploy interactive XML-based forms in Adobe Reader®, Adobe Flash® Player, or web browsers.

Adobe LiveCycle Reader® Extensions ES

Fill in, sign, comment on, or save Adobe PDF files using only Adobe Reader software.

Adobe LiveCycle Barcoded Forms ES

Automate the capture of form data using dynamic 2D barcodes

Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES

Integrate rich internet applications (RIAs) with LiveCycle Services, J2EE applications and business logic.


Information Assurance


Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES

Manage usage rights to protect sensitive documents in PDF, office or CAD formats.

Adobe LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES

Automate the signing, certification and validation of digital signatures in PDF documents.


Document Output

Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator ES

Automate the creation and assembly of PDF documents from virtually any file format.

Adobe LiveCycle Output ES

Generate personalised documents on demand in print and electronic formats.

Adobe LiveCycle Production Print ES

Dynamically generate personalised documents for high-volume production environments.


Process Management

Adobe LiveCycle Process Management ES

Streamline human-centric business processes across your firewall.

Adobe LiveCycle Business Activity Monitoring ES

Monitor, analyse and tune your Live Cycle ES applications.


Content Services

Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES

Store, manage and collaborate on the content used in your LiveCycle ES applications.

Adobe LiveCycle ES Connectors for ECM

Extend your LiveCycle ES applications to connect with industry-leading ECM systems.




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