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HP In Printer Solutions

What if you could electronically capture, store and route your document-based data only once and always have the ability to retrieve it rapidly and with minimal effort?


HP Digital Send Software

HP DSS facilitates the capture and intelligent storage of paper documents via custom keys on the device. DSS 4.0 Workflow/Secure Workflow is a server-based application that enables HP MFP devices with send-to-folder capabilities.

The application is administered at the server and can enable up to 50 multi-function devices with the send-to-folder/ FTP/ printer functionality. Processes specific to an organisation can be configured at the server and can be made consistent across all the devices being enabled with the functionality or can be unique to each device – the choice is yours.


HP Web Jetadmin

Printing related problems demand about 15 percent of most IT department’s time producing unnecessary expenses and lowering productivity. Now you can easily organise peripherals into logical groups with virtual office maps for ease of navigation with HP Web Jetadmin.

This is simple peripheral management software for remotely installing, configuring and managing a wide variety of hp and non-hp network peripherals using only a standard web browser. HP Web Jetadmin is a powerful management tool.

Unfortunately, many IT managers do not realise they can alleviate many of those problems with appropriate management tools. HP Web Jetadmin is management software that helps you proactively resolve printer issues and intelligently manages your print infrastructure to reduce costs, increase efficiency and protect your investments. In addition, HP Web Jetadmin can install, configure and manage many printers simultaneously through web browsers.




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