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Dynamic Documents


Generate and deliver personalised documents on demand, in print or electronically.

Document development and delivery comes in several forms and versatility is Indigo Pacific‚Äôs strength ‚Äď documents can be delivered via any channel including: email, fax, print, PDF, the web or through wireless devices. We can create effective document delivery/output solutions and dynamic generation of personalised output.

Indigo Pacific‚Äôs flexible solutions enable you to support on-demand document processes and merge structured data from back‚Äźend systems to generate more relevant, dynamically data-driven documents in a format that suits your customers, constituents, partners, suppliers and employees. Newly generated content can be combined with existing files from document repositories. PDF files can be converted to print or image file formats, and then routed automatically to support direct, server-based printing or archiving operations.

You can also automate the creation, assembly, distribution, and archival of document files in combination with critical business processes. This means greater access to virtually any data so as to appeal to a broader audience - for example, 2D/3D design data, parts, lists and information from various applications, Microsoft Office documents and much more.

You can dynamically generate personalised documents for high-volume production environments. Through efficient batch processes, we can help you more effectively perform high-volume jobs like generating statements, invoices, contracts or welcome kits. You can even customise print document packages by collecting multiple jobs over time and then grouping them to minimise your mailing costs.

Indigo Pacific has the expertise and resources to develop, deliver and support dynamic document solutions for corporate and government agencies across Asia Pacific.


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