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About Us


Indigo Pacific is specialist in the automation and simplification of end-to-
end, complex, data-driven document and human-centric business processes. Indigo Pacific's family of
 integrated solutions empower organisations to improve the flow of business information and extend your reach and  document-based engagement with customers, constituents, partners and employees by capturing, integrating and delivering information across any channel in a secure environment. We support multiple electronic and manual input and output formats and integration with back-end systems, databases and applications.


Indigo Pacific is committed to Green computing and our solutions are aimed at reducing the impact on the environment. We believe environmental responsibility is key to sustainable business success and we
understand the need for customers to not only address environmental concerns, but also save money through energy-efficient processes and improved recycling. We help organisations achieve true savings through reducing their reliance on paper-based processes.

Indigo Pacific is proud to be a founding sponsor of. Most people don't realise that Australia's consumption of paper continues to grow and, even with the cutting-edge recycling technology available today, only 11% of office paper is being recycled. Project Paper-less challenges us to reduce paper usage - not only to save money and help the environment but to make your business more efficient and accountable. Indigo Pacific can
help you to realise the savings and automation advantages available today and reduce paper usage while
extending your reach and communication processes.

About Us

We help you reduce costs by integrating your documents, people and processes - the result is:

  • Improved customer acquisition - online documents are easy to use - intuitive and customised - eliminating time-consuming and error prone, paper-based processes and improving response and cycle times; 
  • Improved customer retention and service - with personalised, automated customer interaction processes and automated collection and processing of information;
  • Reduced paperwork - with your paper-based processes now automated and online you can realise significant cost savings by eliminating printing, distribution and paper-based storage costs;
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy - through automation of internal workflows; data capture and loading; and interaction/integration with existing core business applications and infrastructure;
  • Improved security - with digital signatures, document encryption and access control; and
  • The capacity to respond, adapt and comply - with ever-changing regulations.

Our pioneering efforts as JetForm specialists have contributed to our success in the Asia Pacific market and today Indigo Pacific is an Adobe integration specialist. Our business model combines onshore and offshore consulting and development capability, ensuring our customers receive the best possible solutions at an affordable cost.

Indigo Pacific is a trusted partner of more than 300 corporate and government agencies across the Asia Pacific region, delivering solutions that extend core business processes, such as:

  • eForms and Smartforms for interactive form design & automated data capture in any format including hard copy, web, email and PDF.
  • Business Process Management and Workflow management to automate and streamline your document and human-centric business processes and monitor, analyse and tune your workflows.
  • Compliance/Security to rapidly respond to, adapt and comply with regulatory requirements, protect your Intellectual Property & manage document usage with encryption, digital signatures and access control.
  • Dynamic Documents for personalised document generation and delivery in any format including print, fax, email, web and wireless devices.
  • Integration with all your back-end infrastructure including internal processes, platforms, ERP, ECM, CRM, BMP, other underlying databases and legacy enterprise applications with out-of-box services including, LDAP, web services, SQL queries, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, JMS and FTP etc.
  • Content Services to transform your document-intensive processes into dynamic interactions; and quickly and easily store, manage, search and collaborate on content.
  • Imaging and Print Management for cost-effective, environmentally-friendly solutions to capture, integrate and deliver information securely; utilising existing devices and infrastructure.




About Us


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