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Content Services


Transform document-intensive processes into dynamic interactions; store, manage and collaborate on content

Content management is an essential component of effective business management. Organisations must streamline content repositories to optimise efficiencies, reduce redundant tasks and empower content owners. While storing ever-increasing volumes of information is important - searching on and retrieving the relevant component in a fast and secure way is even more critical to support effective customer engagement.

Indigo Pacific solutions enable you to store all the information pertaining to multiple business processes and workflows in one place - and organise and search on ANY content for a better understanding of the COMPLETE customer, constituent, partner or employee relationship. You can quickly create a process or application that is integrated with enterprise content and more easily manage content in a lower-cost, extensible way.

Our solutions help you store, create, manage, and collaborate on content used in your online applications and extend those applications to connect with industry-leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. This functionality enables the transformation of document-intensive business processes into dynamic interactions, creating solutions that enhance customer service, accelerate transaction cycles, reduce document management costs, maximise the value of your investment in your existing ECM system, and improve productivity throughout the enterprise.


With Indigo Pacific’s Content Services solutions, you can:

•    Improve the usability of your online applications such as new account opening, invoice processing, and litigation support or industry-specific processes such as medical records, mortgage origination, claims processing, or loan approval;

•    Manage all your information assets in one place by leveraging out-of-box functionality;

•    Manage compliance with comprehensive change management control and detailed audit trails;

•    Use hierarchical content categorisation and powerful search capabilities to improve productivity and overall understanding of customer, constituent, partner or employee relationships;

•    Incorporate collaboration capabilities in your engagement processes and applications to improve cycle times;

•    Empower business users to dynamically change content assets used in engagement applications without involving IT resources;

•    Boost end-user productivity through Microsoft Office plug-ins and shared folder access to the content repository.

Indigo Pacific has the expertise and resources to develop, deliver and support complete custom Content Services solutions for corporate and government agencies across Asia Pacific.


Associated Products

  • LiveCycle Content Services ES
    Store, manage, and collaborate on the content used in your LiveCycle ES applications.
    LiveCycle ES Connectors for ECM
    Extend your LiveCycle ES applications to connect with industry-leading ECM systems.
    Indigo Pacific Content Capture
    Efficient, cost-cutting solutions for business-critical workflow optimisation.

Success Stories

Indigo Pacific implemented a CMS solution to improve automation and measurability for 2020 DIRECTINVEST, a dynamic investment company providing access to Australian managed funds and superannuation products in a web based environment. 2020 DIRECTINVEST provides member services to some of Australia’s largest professional associations including: The Australian Dental Association, The Australian Shareholders’ Association and Engineers Australia.




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