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Compliance & Security


Bring more paper-based processes online whilst maintaining information authenticity and integrity; and rapidly respond to, adapt and comply with regulatory requirements

Many businesses today are constrained by complex and constantly changing compliance and regulatory requirements. You need the ability to rapidly respond to, adapt and comply with regulatory requirements, whilst balancing the demands of customer acquisition and retention.

Indigo Pacific’s flexible solutions help you improve customer confidence and reduce risk - addressing the requirement of continuous regulatory and compliance changes and including functionality for managing document usage rights with encryption, digital signatures and access control. The management of compliance and legal risks when customer information is exposed in online applications is a business governance challenge that we can help you address.

These solutions enable cost-effective centralisation of document protection, control, and administration and integration with existing enterprise infrastructures via web services, authentication systems, and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. We deliver solutions that provide information authenticity and integrity through the automation of signing, certification, and validation of digital signatures - so you can bring more paper-based processes online, reduce costs, improve compliance, and increase customer satisfaction.

You can implement solutions that enforce user access and usage rights based on dynamic information policies that map to key business and governance objectives inside the enterprise. Systematically, you lower your risk from having sensitive information land in the wrong hands whilst simultaneously increasing business productivity. You can protect critical information, improve your regulatory compliance posture, streamline business processes, and extend the collaboration sphere throughout the information lifecycle.

Indigo Pacific has the expertise and resources to help corporate and government agencies across Asia Pacific improve regulatory compliance & manage document usage rights with encryption, digital signatures and access control.


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